Approaching the End of Life

How the Bible can Help us Understand

How the Bible can Help us Understand

Virginia Moffatt

978 0 232 53427 6 |February 2020
Paperback |128 pp |178 x 110 mm
Price: £7.99

A Bible Study book for individuals or groups, which explores how the Bible today can help us better to understand the processes of death and grieving. Why must we die? What makes a ‘good’ death? How can we best prepare for death – our own and others’? How and why do people mourn?

Approaching the End of Life is part of the all new series, How the Bible can Help us Understand.

These short books are aimed at ordinary people committed in their faith and wanting to live Christianly, but not brought up in a Bible-studying tradition. They prompt intelligent thought, reflection and guidance on issues that really matter to people, using illustrations from life and popular culture as well as studies of Bible passages. They are not ‘The Bible has all the answers’, but ‘How can the Bible contribute to my understanding'.

Virginia Moffatt is a writer, editor and former director of the Christian think tank Ekklesia. She worked in social care for thirty years and has now written two novels, Echo Hall (Unbound) and The Wave (HarperCollins), and Nothing More and Nothing Less, a DLT Lent course based on the film I, Daniel Blake. She is the series editor of the How the Bible can Help us Understand books.
ISBNs: 9780232534276 978-0-232-53427-6 Title: approaching the end of life