Following The Celtic Way

A New Assessment of Celtic Christianity

Ian Bradley

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‘This has been a much harder and more disturbing journey than the one which originally took me on to the Celtic way. I have let the voices of the Celtic saints speak to me more clearly and listened to them with less of a preconceived agenda about what I was hoping to hear from them. If they have not quite turned this unrepentant old liberal into a conservative evangelical, they have certainly forced me to think much more seriously about subjects which are not naturally congenial to me.’

A quarter-century after writing the acclaimed The Celtic Way, Ian Bradley, one of the foremost experts on the spiritual beliefs and practices of the indigenous Christian communities in the British Isles in the early Middle Ages, revisits the original sources and makes a substantial reappraisal of Celtic spirituality. Following the Celtic Way challenges many of the myths and romanticised portrayals of Celtic Christianity and shows evidence of the harder edge and demanding austerity of the lives and spirituality of believers from this time.

This book sits among the most insightful and up-to-date introductions to this distinctive and evocative expression of faith, and draws out its themes that are most relevant to us today. It also offers practical spiritual guidance on how to follow the Celtic Way in the contemporary world.

Ian Bradley is Emeritus Professor of Cultural and Spiritual History in the University of St Andrews and well known as a preacher, retreat leader, writer and broadcaster. He is the author of over forty books, five of them on the theme of Celtic Christianity.
ISBNs: 9780232533415 978-0-232-53341-5 Title: following the celtic way ISBNs: 9780232533422 978-0-232-53342-2 Title: following the celtic way