Found Out

Transgressive faith and sexuality

Alison Webster

978 0 232 53263 0
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978 0 232 53263 0
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'Captures the confessions of those caught between norms of church or society and the realities of their lives, identities and sexualities.'

Linda Woodhead, Professor, Dept of Politics, Philosophy and Religion, Lancaster University

‘Theology for Alison Webster is not a sport or hobby. It is survival. Driven by the hard realities of experience and the imperative of injustice, she fearlessly dusts off the sources, norms and ends of theological imagining to reconstruct liberation and hope for those whose voice is seldom heard. If the Church, poised on its’ various tightropes, is trying to balance so hard that it becomes incapable of moving, then this is a timely book that interrupts our paralysis in the name of God, calling us out, like Lazarus, to find ourselves loved to the point of tears.’

Mark Oakley, Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral

‘Reading this book is a profound, I would say, sacramental experience. By hearing into speech the compelling stories of a range of extraordinary women, Webster reveals the Christ who transgresses all boundaries and invites us to play with him on the edges of our identities. Webster offers some signposts for the Church as it attempts to reverse itself out of the cul-de-sac it is currently caught up in over issues sexuality. Such a journey will involve turning from systems into the faces of those marginalised by them, but in those faces we will find the Christ who waits for us all with love, forgiveness and hope.’

Professor Elizabeth Stuart, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Winchester

More than twenty years after writing Found Wanting, her influential critique of Christian teachings about women’s sexuality, Alison Webster explores the experiences of women whose spiritual lives have developed and flourished outside the strict demands and expectations of the traditional Church. Found Out presents these women’s stories and, in the voices of the marginalised and transgressive, discovers the beginnings of a new language for making sense of life, for speaking of God and of spirituality.

Alison Webster has worked for her whole career in the field of Christian social justice. She has worked for the Student Christian Movement, The Christian Socialist Movement and the Institute for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality, and two Church of England Dioceses. She was a founder editor of two international journals, Theology and Sexuality, and Political Theology. She is author of ‘Found Wanting: Women, Christianity and Sexuality (Cassell, 1995), ‘Wellbeing’ (SCM Press, 2002), and ‘You Are Mine: Reflections on who we are’ (SPCK 2009), and also of numerous resource materials and online publications in the field of social justice and faith. She is Chair of an arts charity called Amaka Beautiful Child (ABC), which works for personal and social transformation through poetry, art, music, dance and drama.
ISBNs: 9780232532630 978-0-232-53263-0 Title: found out ISBNs: 9780232532630 978-0-232-53263-0 Title: found out