Feast or Famine

How the Gospel challenges austerity - an Ekklesia Lent course for groups and individuals

Simon Barrow

978 0 232 53261 6
Paperback |128 pp |178 x 110 mm
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'A small, easy to read book ... there is a lot to ponder between the pages ... well worth taking seriously in this age of materialism and frequent selfishness.'

The Friend

Feast or Famine? is a five-week Lent course for groups and individuals that considers the practical issues of economic austerity versus plenty in modern Britain and beyond. How can we understand the inequalities of today in light of core Gospel themes, and how can Christians respond?

The course has been produced in association with the beliefs and ethics think-tank Ekklesia. Each week includes an original reflection by a writer and activist concerned with social justice. The sessions include Bible readings, prayers, discussion and action points, plus leader’s notes. The book ends with additional suggested resources.

The weekly themes are:

• Spending or Saving?

• Hunger or Satisfaction?

• Health or Wealth?

• Security or Insecurity?

• Cutting or Investing?

Simon Barrow who has compiled and introduced this course, is Director of Ekklesia. He is a widely-published commentator on public issues, and a former assistant general secretary of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. The other contributors are: Pat Bennett, Programme Development Worker for the Iona Community; John Gillibrand, a priest of the Church in Wales; Savitri Hensman, a specialist on politics, religion and welfare; Keith Hebden, Director of the Urban Theology Union in Sheffield; Bernadette Meaden, a writer on faith and social issues; Virginia Moffatt, a writer, activist and advocate for peace, justice and inclusive welfare; and Jill Segger, a Quaker and a freelance writer.
ISBNs: 9780232532616 978-0-232-53261-6 Title: feast or famine