Taboo or To Do

Is Christianity complementary with yoga, martial arts, Hallowe'en, mindfulness and other alternative practices?

Ross Clifford and Philip Johnson

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'In this new book Ross and Philip not only offer practical examples of Christian ministry with those who are searching for meaning and truth through such “alternative” belief systems and therapies, but they also explain how all this relates to the Bible and historic theological understandings. In doing so, they connect with recent thinking on the missio Dei and the recognition that effective missional engagement with today’s culture begins with identifying where God is already at work. This is a helpful corrective of alarmist and confrontational attitudes to popular spirituality, but more positively it offers guidance to Christians who wish to understand things that may well take them out of their comfort zones, but which reflect the questions that many people face as they work out how to navigate from one day to the next in ways that will be life-giving and empowering.'

John Drane

Today, some Christians – as part of their own personal growth – and some churches – as part of their desire to reach the ‘spiritual but not religious’ – are adapting spiritual practices that have their roots in East Asian religions or in disciplines that emerge from New Age and New Spirituality. Other voices within the Church are wary of, and in some cases condemn, involvement with such practices. This book sifts through some of the most popular practices and asks whether or not they should really be considered off-limits for Christians, or incompatible with the way of Jesus.

Each chapter provides a brief history of the alternative practice in focus, followed by an assessment of its strengths and weaknesses within a Christian framework, and a case study of a church interacting with the practice. Taboo or To Do? includes a Foreword by John Drane.

Ross Clifford is Principal of Morling Theological College, Sydney. He co-pioneered outreaches into Mind Body Spirit festivals.
Philip Johnson is a visiting lecturer at Morling Theological College, Sydney.
ISBNs: 9780232532531 978-0-232-53253-1 Title: taboo or to do ISBNs: 9780232532890 978-0-232-53289-0 Title: taboo or to do